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Aswan Aswan is Egypt’s premier winter resort offering a delightful, natural beauty, a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere with a warm and dry climate. A wide variety of ancient monuments and the peaceful beauty of the countryside draw visitors here throughout the winter months.
Lying 560 Miles south of Cairo, it has long been known as the “Gate of Africa”, the contact point between Arabian, North Africa and sud-Saharan cultures. Much of its charms come form the Nile River, which . . .
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Cairo Cairo or Al-Qahera by Arabic which means “The Triumphant City” was finally named and founded in AD 969. Cairo is a large city, bearing about 22 million inhabitants, so considered to be the largest city in Africa. Cairo is a complex blend of different civilizations and therefore is unique to live in.
Greater Cairo extends on the banks of the River Nile to the south of the Delta of the River Nile.
Cairo bares a significant, flourishing historical background that starts from the Pharaonic period passing through the Greco . . .
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Luxor Luxor is located to the south of Cairo 416 Miles, one of the most important tourist destination in Egypt, It is about 416km2 and inhabitants reaches about 360, 503 inhabitant. The weather is rather hot in Summer time and fine in winter.

Luxor, one of the greatest capitals of the ancient world, has often been called the world's greatest open-air museum, used to be known as "Thebes" capital of Egypt during the ancient Egyptian period. It was the seat of power for about 1350 year. It has been a tourist destination since the . . .
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Red Sea

Red Sea The Red Sea is a conductor between the continents Africa and Asia. It connects the Indian Ocean at the south through the Gulf of Aden. Sinai Peninsula and the Gulf of Aqaba are located in the north to the Red Sea. The round areas are very reputable for its majestic and amazing sites for tourism, especially the ecotourism. Its depth is between 500 m near the coast and 2500 m in the center. It contains the most amazing coral reefs chains in the world. The Red Sea is one of the most beautiful and mysterious seas in he world and . . .
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Sinai The Sinai Peninsula consists of an area of some 37,912 square Miles. Sinai, by its geographical location, is the junction between Asia and Africa. It is the gateway to Egypt from the East. It is divided into two governorates, Southern Sinai governorate and Northern Sinai Governorate.

The Governorate of North Sinai lies on the Mediterranean Coast and is separated from South Sinai by the Taba line. Al-Arish, famous for its beautiful shores and palm lined beaches, is the capital for the Northern Sinai Governorate and Al Tur . . .
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Western Desert

Western Desert Who doesn't know about the Nile Valley with the Pyramids and Valley of the Kings, or the Eastern Egypt with Sinai and the Red Sea? Less know about the New destination in Egypt, which is: the Western Desert and it's Oases
This desert was previously called the "Libyan Desert" and covers an area of 680'000 square kilometers - or two third of Egypt. As it's hard to understand this size by numbers alone, let us mention that this area is equal to a combined size of these seven countries; Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Greece, the Net . . .
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